WE CAN Workbook Level 4


ISBN: 9780071279901
Paperback: 70 pages
Authors: YoKo Matsuka and Glenn McDougall
Language: English
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We Can! is an exciting, and unique series for elementary students by one of Asia’s leaders in teaching English to children. In We Can! Yoko Matsuka provides the means for developing the three indispensable elements for success in English—a good curriculum, a good teacher, and good teaching material.
Student Books Key Features Easy to Evaluate: The 384 goals make progress easy to see for students, teachers,
and parents. Spiral Curriculum: Students constantly recycle and reuse previously learned language. English for Real Communication: Students use English in a real, practical way inside and outside the classroom. Balanced Use of Phonics: Students learn good pronunciation and to read and write on their own. Rhythm and Pronunciation: Students master rhythm and pronunciation skills through songs, chants, movement, drama, and role-plays. Expansion of Discourse: Students develop language competence beyond the sentence level with carefully designed, fun, experience based activities, and real interactions.

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