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In the eye-opening bestseller Think ASEAN!, marketing gurus Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Hooi Den Huan presented tactics for businesses to engage empowered and well-informed customers in ASEAN.

This second edition brings marketers up to date with new strategies for the changing lifestyle, needs and wants of ASEAN consumers. Focusing on marketing strategies, Think New ASEAN! is filled with fascinating stories from leading companies including Apple, Kinokuniya, Samsung, P&G, and Honda. What did they do to generate enormous support from loyal customers? How do champions sustain their position in the long term amidst an invasion from local and global competitors? How do businesses expand to include countries across the region? Whether in manufacturing, retail, or service, businesses will gain from the lessons learned in the hits and misses of these companies, and the proven prescriptions for capturing the large and lucrative ASEAN markets. The practical principles contained in the book provide readers with the necessary knowledge to employ segment-specific marketing practices not just within but also between ASEAN countries.

Think New ASEAN! offers provocative insights on the current transformations and developments in the region. Among the features of this edition are updates in the areas of digitization, globalization, the future market of ASEAN with a greater emphasis on youth, women and netizens, and smart marketing strategies adopted by some companies which seven years ago were unheard of.

This is an insightful guide that no serious marketer should be without.

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