Rituals for Work


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ISBN: 9781119530787
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (April 9, 2019)
Language: English
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Experience the transformative power of creative rituals in the workplace

Rituals for Work shows us how creative rituals can make our personal and business lives more meaningful and rewarding. Rituals are powerful tools: they reinforce good habits, motivate personal and professional achievement, create a common bond between co-workers and build shared values; they can transform an organization?s culture and provide a foundation to achieve common goals. Focusing on real-world examples, this book takes a practical approach to the power and benefits of workplace rituals. This insightful guide presents 50 creative rituals, from business and management to design and personal development. Specific case studies highlight the use of rituals and their positive impact to real-world organizations, while vivid visuals allow us to feel their energy and emotion.

A ritual is only effective when its purpose is clearly defined. This book goes beyond simple analysis to provide actual recipes for individual rituals designed to promote specific habits, change negative behaviors, and instill values. Each ritual can be adapted to achieve a multitude of goals and tailored to fit your organization or team?s specific needs.

? Change behaviors, form positive habits, and assign meaning to shared goals

? Build shared values, foster innovation, and encourage strong teamwork

? Deal with conflicts effectively and engage others to work on resolutions

? Learn the fundamental concepts of ritual-building and share your knowledge with your team

An informative and inspirational resource for executives, managers, team leaders, and employees of every level, Rituals for Work provides a blueprint for building a culture of engagement, innovation, and shared purpose for organizations of all sizes, across industries.

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