ISBN: 9789814861472
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education
Language: English
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My Pals Are Here! Science International (2nd Edition) series is adapted from the highly effective My Pals are Here! Science series, which is the most widely used primary science programme in Singapore schools. This series employs the same Inquiry-based approach that is structured around the 5E Instructional Model. With a spiral progression in its curriculum, pupils will revisit the concepts at different stages with increasing depth and build a strong foundation in the subject.

Through this series, pupils are encouraged to explore scientific concepts by drawing on their prior knowledge and reflecting on their learning. It empowers them to develop essential process and inquiry skills which enables them to thrive both in science and cross-disciplinary subjects. With the addition of new features, this series provides opportunities for self-directed learning and the development of 21st century competencies. It caters to pupils with various learning styles through a variety of activities which help them to acquire a better understanding of the concepts.

Activity Book Features:

  • Activity – Provides opportunities to apply concepts learned and develop process skills. Activities are hands-on and relatable to real-life context. They promote scientific inquiry and develop process skills.
  • Creative Science – Supports mastery of science concepts through engaging art projects. Reinforces concepts covered in the unit using fun and engaging activities involving art and design.
  • Revision Exercise – Consolidates learning, allowing for effective revision and assessment. Questions tests understanding of the concepts covered in the unit. Consists of two sections, A and B, with multiple-choice questions, and fill-in-the-blanks (Grades 1 and 2) and structured questions (Grades 3 to 6) respectively.

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