ISBN: 9789814693165
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Educational Publishing
Language: English
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Heuristics in Maths is a series specially written to provide pupils with ample practice in problem sums through the use of problem-solving techniques based on the latest Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. It is a comprehensive practice book suitable for pupils to do self-study. It is intended to help pupils practise and learn through worked examples designed for pupils to model after.

Each book in this series contains the following features:

  • Worked Examples designed to help pupils learn how to solve similar questions.
  • Review Exercise to allow pupils to determine their level of understanding during their revision.
  • Full Worked Solutions are provided at the end of the book to facilitate self-checking

Use this series to give pupils the opportunities to develop their abilities in solving mathematical problems.

  • Various heuristic skills in each topic
  • Full worked solutions

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