ALL OF US Workbook Level 4

ISBN: 9780071282659
Paperback: 67 pages
Authors: Jenette Greenwell and Stephen Lawrence
Language: English
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All of Us is an exciting new four-skill, six-level primary series that takes the students on a fascinating journey across many lands and continents. Students learn English through a very structured approach with a lot of recycling. Each content-based unit contains vocabulary presentations, dialogs, a grammer chart, a game, stories, and a song in an integrated context appealing to young learners. They will embark on an English-language adventure that explores geography, history, people, traditions, festivals, culture, and art forms. The English class takes on a new meaning through a wide variety of activities such as: storytelling, music poetry, crafts, puzzles, theater, and other cross-curricular areas.

Key Features
Communicative, active approach
Story-based with episode stories and many more
Real characters from target countries
Attractive photo double-spreads to present topics
Many opportunities for individualized instruction
Promotion of personal and universal values
Karaoke versions of the lively songs
Teacher’s Guide provides recipes, manual activities, and additional cultural information
Story Cards provide opportunities for role-plays and other theater activities

Additional information

Dimensions 27 × 21 × 0.4 cm


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